Save money with every cloth diaper change!

It’s easy- just wear, wash, repeat and save. Plus, you’ll create less household trash compared to disposable diapers. The Elemental Joy one-size diaper cover and one-size absorbent inserts adjust to grow with your little one (8-35 lbs)* for even more savings!

From the makers of bumGenius and Flip Diapers, the Elemental Joy Cloth Diaper Kit is a one-stop-shop for all you need to get started with cloth diapers. This cloth diaper kit is an ideal gift and comes ready to give! It includes the basics needed to start using cloth diapers.

Photos of a one-size cloth diaper being adjusted using the rise snaps on the front of the diaper.

Cloth diapers are a small change that can lead to big results. Just wear, wash, and repeat. Not only are you saving cash when compared to disposable diapers, but you are also sending less trash to the landfill. 


  • Adjust diaper cover to baby’s size
  • Fold insert to fit small or medium babies.
  • For large babies, place insert unfolded in cover
  • Put on baby, adjust tab snaps to fit waist
  • For wet diapers, wipe cover and replace insert
  • For soiled diapers, replace the cover and insert
  • Use the wet bag for travel


  • 12 Elemental Joy Diaper Inserts  - 100% cotton
  • 6 Elemental Joy Cloth Diaper Covers
  • 1 Elemental Joy Wet Bag
  • 1 Elemental Joy Diaper Pail


Add extra inserts for heavy wetters or reduce the amount of time between diaper changes.

Fit change is approximate and may vary depending on age, size & shape of your baby.