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When Jenn and Jimmy Labit started Cotton Babies, they were living off $30 a week for groceries plus a WIC check. They could barely afford disposable diapers for their newborn when a friend gave them three months of diaper service and some previously loved cloth diapers. Using cloth diapers during this time in their life put them in touch with a real solution to a real need. 

As Cotton Babies grew, the Labits created several successful cloth diaper brands into the marketplace to help other families find a real solution for their real needs. bumGenius, Flip Diapers, Hemp Babies, Econobum, and Elemental Joy were all designed to make cloth diapering as easy to use as disposable diapers. Cloth diaper designs made by Cotton Babies have reimagined what the modern cloth diaper looks like and they are the leading manufacturer of cloth diapers in the industry.

In 2016, Cotton Babies moved its manufacturing to St. Louis, MO to be on site with its corporate headquarters. This move allowed the company to make manufacturing changes quicker and more efficiently. These manufacturing changes allowed Jenn Labit to realize another goal close to her heart: make cloth diapers accessible to more families with the creation of a new cloth diaper line: Elemental Joy.  They’re as easy to change as disposable diapers, available in cheerful colors and playful prints at a price that can't be beat.

These essential cloth diapers provide families with a budget-friendly alternative to disposable diapers.

Elemental Joy cloth diapers began to be available in Walmart stores in 2019 and will be available on Walmart shelves again in 2020. Elemental Joy products are also available through and other independent retailers worldwide.